Section 9 – RESULTS

Qualitative Results
Quantitative Results

The Quantitative Results Chapter includes confirming the correct analyses, conducting the actual analyses, and the write-up and explanation of the findings. You must conduct descriptive statistics on demographic and research variables (i.e., mean, standard deviation, frequency and percent as appropriate); Conduct analyses and assess assumptions to examine the research questions; and Assess the assumptions of the analyses. The Qualitative Results Chapter includes thematization and reliability. You must read and re-read your interview transcripts; Thematize your participant responses; and Draft or co-draft results chapter to present themes and supporting excerpts of those themes.

Typical time to completion: 30 days

Best resources:

Software & Tools

Intellectus Statistics

Intellectus Video Tutorials

Directory of Statistical Analysis 


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Almost There – Results, Discussion, & APA Editing

Results, Discussion, APA Editing, & Defense


Tips for Writing Qualitative Results When you Don’t Feel like Writing

Quantitative Results Chapter (in less than 1 week)

Preparing for your Accelerated Quantitative Results Session 

Reducing Redundancy in Results Chapters

Adding Length to the Results Chapter

My Results were not Significant… Now What?

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