Adding Length to the Results Chapter

Posted January 15, 2018

If your Results chapter only has 2-3 research questions, it may seem difficult to provide enough content to meet your school’s required page count (if there is one). Here are a few tips that can help extend the page count, so your Results chapter appears more thorough to the reader.

Results chapters often begin with a demographic section. To complete this section adequately, include commentary on each demographic characteristic. Make connections back to the population and discuss what was expected for each demographic trait with support through the literature. For any variables of interest that are being used within the research questions, include bar charts or histograms to visually depict the distributions of the data. If using inferential analyses to address your research questions, make sure to include a separate section that fully examines the statistical assumptions of the data. Many times, the statistical assumptions such as linearity, normality, or homoscedasticity can be assessed with the inclusion of tables or figures. If the assumptions are not met, then include a contingency plan for addressing the research questions with both a parametric and non-parametric approach. Assessing the data with both methods can easily add length to your Results chapter.

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