Preparing for Your Accelerated Quantitative Results Session

Quantitative Results

Staring down multiple pages of SPSS output and attempting to turn it into a cohesive results document can be daunting (or even panic-inducing) if you are not confident in your statistical prowess. Our Accelerated Quantitative Results assistance can ease some of that burden! Intellectus Statistics (IS) is our proprietary statistics software. Using IS, novice researchers and experienced statisticians alike find that much of the burden of developing their results draft is alleviated. IS provides a simple and clear user interface that is easy to navigate. Additionally, users are provided with both raw output from their analysis and an APA-formatted document containing tables and references.

As a part of the service, we provide a consultation to talk you through navigating IS and conducting your analyses. However, because these consultations are time-limited, there are key things you should do to prepare for your session. Developing a bulleted list of your analyses, gathering instrument scoring information in advance, and preparing any questions you may have regarding your analysis prior to the consultation will help you get the most from your session with a statistician.

Develop a bulleted list of analyses: Before your call, your statistician will review your data analysis plan and confirm the analyses with you. As an empowered and engaged researcher it is important that you are aware of the analyses you will need to conduct. You are not required to be an expert at the analyses, but knowing the names of the analyses you must conduct will help both you and the statistician working with you. Additionally, if the data analysis plan you submitted to Statistics Solutions has changed in any way you should inform your statistician of these changes to decrease the likelihood of revisions later.

Gather scoring information: Most researchers using survey instruments will have to calculate a composite score of some sort as a part of their data analysis. This composite score allows you to tally all the items representing a variable into one score that you can use in your analysis. Most scoring procedures are simple; however, if they are not detailed in your methodology chapter, you could lose valuable time during your session. Gathering this information before your call saves the time that you would use scrambling to look for scoring instructions or waiting for your statistician to find scoring instructions online. Also, you would avoid the disaster that occurs when neither you nor the statistician can find the scoring instructions and you cannot complete a key piece of your analysis.

Prepare questions in advance: Our statisticians welcome your questions during your session. The fewer lingering questions you have at the close of your session, the more prepared you will be to revise the Accelerated Quantitative Results document. Come to your session prepared with any general questions that you may have related to your analyses. Many times, if we can open up the call with these questions and increase your understanding, it will make the session much smoother when the times comes to discuss the results of the analyses.

Statistics Solutions is able to provide the comprehensive help you need to successfully navigate your dissertation process. If you have any questions please reach out to us for a consultation!

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