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The Problem

When your statistics chapter is as difficult as “swimming through mud,” we know we can be there to help. Statistics Solutions has taken on the most challenging aspects of conducting analyses and drafting results with dissertation expertise and smart technology. Our intuitive system interprets the statistical output in English-prose. For students, our process is a life saver, allowing the confidence to write a discussion chapter and defend the findings with little statistical experience.

A recent graduate student writes about the problem she faced when confronted with her dissertation results chapter.  “I found myself in a position where I was concerned about my ability to complete my dissertation. I understood statistics and did well in those classes but navigating SPSS and turning the results into meaningful information in APA format was a challenge for me. I decided to choose Statistics Solutions because of the competent experience and meaningful output that allowed me to write the results chapter of my dissertation quickly.”

The Solution

“I spent only a few days on data analysis and writing up the results. Most of my peers spent weeks or even months developing chapter 4 and only ended up having to do it over again after feedback from their committee. I had very few edits requested when I turned in my first draft.”

The Results

“The quality outputs and direction from the statisticians allowed me to spend more time and effort on the discussion portion of my dissertation. I was able to effectively defend my dissertation recently because I was confident in my analysis and the understanding of the outputs. I found that I learned more about statistical analysis and how to interpret the results by using this exceptional software than I did in my statistic classes.”


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