Dissertation Timeline | Section 1 – BEGINNING

Research Questions
Topic Development

Your research certainly needs to fill a gap in the literature, but when forming your set of potential topics, your driving motivation should be identifying ones that you know are doable; trust that, for at least one of the brainstormed topics, you will find a gap to justify your research in the end. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but recognize that once you select a topic, you can pretty much always find a rationale for conducting your study (e.g., by using a different sample, a different instrument, or a different location). In short, pick the topic and justify it later.

Typical time to completion: 30 days

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Beginning your dissertation journey

Choosing a topic

Navigating Graduate School

How to Choose your Topic & Develop your RQ’s & Hypothesis

Tools & Templates

Dissertation Template

Directory of Survey Instruments


Is your Topic Feasible?

Choosing your Dissertation Topic

Dissertation Topic: Establishing a Gap 

How do I Choose my Dissertation Topic?

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