How do I Choose My Dissertation Topic?

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Choosing a Master’s or Ph.D. dissertation topic is difficult but it need not be. There are resources and help out there for you. For some great information and resources visit our website.

I would first strongly consider seeking the assistance of a professional dissertation consultant. Although I do work as a dissertation consultant, I just want to say, “If you don’t get help with us, please, get help somewhere.” I say that sincerely: no one should have to go this road alone. Find a dissertation consultant to help with the selection of your dissertation topic. An experienced dissertation consultant will help you choose a dissertation topic within the scope of your time limitations, capabilities, and willingness. It’s important that all the facets of your dissertation mesh together smoothly, and a quality dissertation consultant will help make this happen. Until you call us for a free consultation, here are some things to help you:

· Make sure your dissertation topic is something of interest to you. You’ll be working on this for a long time – you should like what it is you’re going to be researching.

· Make sure your dissertation topic is feasible. While cold fusion is terribly fascinating and would change the world, it’s probably going to be difficult to understand and impossible to bring to fruition. Your dissertation topic should be something reasonable that is not going to take a lifetime to finish, but still be of practical importance to at least the people in your field of study.

· Write about something people care about or will care about in a couple years. This is probably going to take you some time, so some foresight is necessary. This will also help get your dissertation published and help get you the notoriety your want.

· Choose a dissertation topic with available information to research, but not so much that you don’t know where to begin. Be somewhat specific.

· Choose a dissertation topic that other researchers have used before. This will simplify the rest of your dissertation process, since you will have an idea of the statistical analysis you will use and the results you will get.

· Visit our site for links, books, and more advice on choosing your Master’s or Ph.D. dissertation topic.

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