Focus Groups Part 1: Preparing for a Successful Focus Group

Overcome Your Writers Block

We’ve often talked about how isolating the dissertation process can be, how difficult it can be to gain motivation throughout the process, and how lining up dissertation backup to feel supported and encouraged is paramount. This month, it’s time to recognize and accept how time-consuming the writing process is and how breaking through writers’ block

R-Squared: Telling us what we know and what we do not know

Life After PhD

Few things beat the feeling of being on track, on time, or in control of the situation. For a PhD candidate who has dedicated years to classroom-style learning, undergone rigorous testing, and spent thousands of dollars on education, the dissertation is the last hurdle before graduation and the exciting feeling of accomplishment that comes with

A Tool for Complex Mediation and Moderation Models

Independent Dissertation Success

Do you feel like your chair, committee members, professors, and mentors all have more say over your dissertation than you do? It can become frustrating when feedback is coming at you from all sides and there’s no clear direction in which to take your research. When we speak with struggling ABD (all but dissertation) students,

Following the MEAL Plan in Academic Writing

What are Zero-order, Partial, and Part Correlations?

Quantitative Results Chapter (in less than 1 week)

The Problem When your statistics chapter is as difficult as “swimming through mud,” we know we can be there to help. Statistics Solutions has taken on the most challenging aspects of conducting analyses and drafting results with dissertation expertise and smart technology. Our intuitive system interprets the statistical output in English-prose. For students, our process

Moving Forward with Your Dissertation

“Dissertations are a marathon, not a race.” “Where there’s a will there’s a way.” “Without sacrifice, there will be no victory.” “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” At some point during your dissertation journey, you’ve either heard some of these clichés or even said them internally while trying to find your dissertation

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