Section 8 – PPT: PROPOSAL 

Generally, the dissertation proposal consists of Chapters 1-3: the Introduction, the Literature Review, and the Methodology. More specifically, your dissertation proposal will need to show your committee that you have identified a purposeful and important dissertation study (part of the Introduction, Chapter 1), will fill a gap in the literature (part of the Literature Review,

Section 7 – IRB / URR



Dissertation Timeline | Section 4 – INTRODUCTION

Dissertation Timeline | Section 3 – PROSPECTUS / CONCEPT PAPER

Dissertation Timeline | Section 2 – Research Plan/SMR

Dissertation Timeline | Section 1 – BEGINNING

Staying On Track | Dissertation Timeline

Section 1 – BEGINNING Your research certainly needs to fill a gap in the literature, but when forming your set of potential topics, your driving motivation should be identifying ones that you know are doable; trust that, for at least one of the brainstormed topics, you will find a gap to justify your research in

Your Guide to a Positive and Productive Semester

In what feels like a blink of an eye, it is September and we are back to school. The start of the fall semester finds us all in a unique predicament, where dissertation and academic progress is still expected but under quite different guidelines than what we are accustomed to. We are seeing significant changes,

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