Literature Reviews from the Ground Up

How to Transpose Data in SPSS

Rethinking Trustworthiness in Qualitative Research

How to Interpret an Ordinal Logistic Regression

The Theoretical Framework: Keep It Simple

Audit Trails in Qualitative Research

Reporting and Improving Readability of your IRB Materials

3 Ways to Resolve Disagreements Among Committee Members

I’ve spoken with students lately that had a committee member that didn’t agree with aspects of the dissertation, or a chair that had different views than the AQR.  What is a student to do?  My advice is to ask questions, ask for help, and move up the ladder. Ask questions.  For example, you can ask

Avoid Potential Dissertation Roadblocks

There’s lots of potential roadblocks to finishing your dissertation. The one that I think is demoralizing is the revisions process. There are several reasons revisions can go on for a bit. Firstly, let’s face it, this is your first and last dissertation, so you don’t know the process. It takes a while to understand what

How to Write Your Definitions

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