What are Zero-order, Partial, and Part Correlations?

Quantitative Results Chapter (in less than 1 week)

The Problem When your statistics chapter is as difficult as “swimming through mud,” we know we can be there to help. Statistics Solutions has taken on the most challenging aspects of conducting analyses and drafting results with dissertation expertise and smart technology. Our intuitive system interprets the statistical output in English-prose. For students, our process

Moving Forward with Your Dissertation

“Dissertations are a marathon, not a race.” “Where there’s a will there’s a way.” “Without sacrifice, there will be no victory.” “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.” At some point during your dissertation journey, you’ve either heard some of these clichés or even said them internally while trying to find your dissertation

Measurable Progress in Reasonable Time

When is it time to get serious about our progress? As Jim Rohn, motivational speaker and author of ‘Take Charge of Your Life’ used to say, it’s all about “making measurable progress in reasonable time.” Reasonable time is the amount of time necessary to conveniently do what is required, but what does that mean when

What Does Graduation Feel Like?

Let’s Talk Responsibility

How decision trees can help you select the appropriate statistical analysis

What’s in a Name? All About Variable Names

Theoretical Spotlight: Model of Entrepreneurial Leadership

Handling Missing Data: Listwise Versus Pairwise Deletion

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