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I felt a need to blog about getting dissertation support.  A client came to me a year ago seeking dissertation help.  At the time, she was not ready for that support and she subsequently spent another two (unnecessary) semesters at her university at $4,600/semester.  She then came back to me, with her financial aid maxed out at $160,000 and no further ahead in the dissertation process.  The point is this, sure, our services are a few thousand dollars, but we do help clarify your thinking, write data analysis plans and results chapters – and keep you moving.

Get the help you need! Don’t wait until your financial aid is maxed-out and the thought of not finishing starts to take root. Statistics Solutions has been in business for decades, helping students from Walden, Phoenix, Capella, Nova Southeastern and many, many others.  Get the dissertation help and get out as soon as possible.  Our initial statistical consultation takes about 30 minutes and is always free at 877-437-8622 or [email protected]
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We work with graduate students every day and know what it takes to get your research approved.

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