As 2017 Ends, Is Your Dissertation Done?


Happy November everyone!  As Halloween passes, we move on to the festive seasons of Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, and New Year’s.

As the end of this year nears, I sincerely wish you well in completing your dissertation.  I speak to many doctoral students daily, and I’m surprised as to how many newsletter members don’t reach back out to us.  Just this morning I called a woman I hadn’t spoken with in 6 months.  Very quickly she explained that she “cannot do it alone”—she needed help, was dragged into two extra classes, but yet, didn’t pick up the phone to ask for help.

Why call?  There are three reasons we can help you and make our professional dissertation services affordable:

  • We have a team: Our team of 20 specialists know how to make substantive edits and effectively address feedback.
  • We have a process: Our process includes a production manager to oversee your project, coordinate teams who communicate with each other about your project, and our in-house rubrics make for a seamless process going through the dissertation.  From the editing process to up to 30 hours just for revisions, your success in 2018 is a reality.
  • We have 0% financing for 36 months:  Investing in dissertation services is just that, an investment.  But they have to be affordable.  To make services affordable, we offer a manageable deposit and 0% financing for 36 months.

Together, our team, process, and financing lead to less revisions (and frustration), quicker graduation, and paying less tuition.  The 45-minute consultation with me is free.

I’ll close by getting back to the holiday theme.  Whatever we want, there is one sure way to get it, and that’s to give it.  If you want time, money, friendships—then give that more than you have.  As the Beatles said in The End, “And in the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give.”


James Lani, PhD

PS:  We’ve developed a new statistics package that provides narratively interpreted output.  Try it for free here:

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