Quantitative Dissertation Consulting

Statistics is a mathematical science that is used for data analysis, interpretation, explanation, and presentation of the data.  Doctoral candidates require quantitative dissertation consulting because professional statisticians provide the expertise needed to effectively conduct the research, analyze the data and present the results.  As a student, you are not a mathematical statistician, and hiring a quantitative dissertation consultant allows you to be an expert in your field without learning to be an expert in ours.

Statistics Solutions provides quantitative dissertation consulting that includes help from methodology to presentation of the results.  The professionals at Statistics Solutions can help you with any or all of the following steps:

Research Methodology: Statistics Solutions’ quantitative dissertation help will determine the methodology for the study that you plan to conduct.  For example, what should the sample size for my particular research be?  Which technique should we apply to the data?

Research Design: Professional dissertation consulting will assist you in the research design phase of your research.  The type of research design that you use to test your hypotheses is important for finding reliable and valid results; dissertation statistics help is needed to make this decision and to present justification for it.

Selection of the Variable: Variables are selected on the basis of the predetermined theory that is statistically tested.  Statistical expertise is needed when selecting the variable.

Sample Size Calculation and Sample Size Justification: Statistical expertise and help is needed when selecting the sample size.  If the sample size is small, the statistical test will not give accurate results.  If the sample size is too large, then it will be more time consuming as well as costly.  Dissertation statistics help can be used to determine your sample size and to present justification for it.

Test Statistics: Quantitative dissertation consulting will assist in determining the test statistics for particular data and research questions.  There are a number of statistical tests used for specific reasons.  The professionals at Statistics Solutions are experts in a large variety of these statistical tests.

Validity and Reliability of the Statistics Results: In any research, simply conducting the analysis is not enough.  Statistical expertise is needed to effectively test that the results are both reliable and valid.

Interpretation of the Results: Dissertation consulting is needed to accurately interpret the results of the research and to present these results in the appropriate format.