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In order to be efficient in our research, we must pay close attention to how we use the resources available to us, specifically, the free ones.

Most Universities have a slew of resources for students. Two important resources to start using immediately (that you’re probably already paying for with tuition!) are your university’s librarian and the writing center. Universities hire full-time librarians assigned to major subject areas, so chances are, you have a knowledgeable librarian who is an expert in rare documents, collections, and uncatalogued resources waiting to answer your questions. The writing center is another valuable resource to use if you are stuck on APA formatting or looking to shape-up your current work. At the writing center, you will find trained grad students and hired professionals whose sole purpose is to help you with writing specifics. No need to be shy, pay them a visit if you’re in need of writing help!

Other free resources to pay close attention to are those curated specifically for graduate students in the dissertation process. Since each chapter of the dissertation requires specific elements not typical in standard writing, free resources dedicated to advancing your dissertation progress are invaluable. Statistics Solutions has spent over two decades creating free online resources specifically for graduate students in the dissertation process. We have included our most-useful favorites below:

Free Dissertation Help Sessions

Weekly live webinars dedicated to helping you through specific parts of the dissertation. Register, join, and have your burning research questions answered by dissertation professionals.

Directory of Statistical Analyses

We have created easy-to-follow descriptions of each analysis, a discussion of any assumptions, and an explanation of how you can conduct the analysis in our software – Intellectus Statistics (and SPSS!)

Directory of Survey Instruments

Our team has compiled a directory of all the instruments frequently used by researchers. Each survey instrument breakdown includes a description of the instrument, references, as well as a link to purchase or to its author.

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