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Every day I speak with students who need something in 2 days or need to graduate in a few months.  The problem is that some things take time—research takes time (often 3-4 times as long as one anticipates), editing takes time, committees can be slow with feedback, and life happens too.  But who bears the financial and energy burden when you don’t graduate on time—you guessed it, you.

Our editing services take about 3 weeks to edit and track-changes for each chapter, and typically 100 hours of editing goes into editing five chapters.  And that 100 hours is with expert mentors whose core expertise each section of each chapter.  That’s a lot of time. Rushing through a chapter will just cause other delays, so as the saying goes, “do it right, or do it twice.”

At the same time, you have to keep things moving.  One problem I see is that students have to refresh their literature review.  Many schools require that 80% of the lit review be within the past 5 years. And not 5 years from when you start the dissertation—within 5 years of your defense.  This results in extra work, many times another quarter, and frankly, its frustrating, as the saying goes, to do it twice.

So what can you do?  Reach out early.  Even if you haven’t started, you can be organizing articles, selecting a topic, laying out a roadmap.  Here is an interactive timeline that can help you map out dissertation.

Click here to access: Interactive Dissertation Timeline

Even if you’re in the initial phases or haven’t selected a topic, we can help.  You can schedule a free consultation by using the calendar below.

I wish you an expediated graduation, and thoughtful planning.  You’re almost done, so plan for support early!


James Lani, PhD

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