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Statistics Solutions Interactive Dissertation Timeline  
Enter your start and end dates in the form below to generate your interactive dissertation timeline. If you have already started the dissertation process, your start date should be estimated around the time that you completed comprehensive exams. Please keep in mind that this timeline is to be used as a loose estimate, you should always refer to your chairperson/committee for setting completion dates.  
Start Date Total Days:  
End Date    
  Completion Date  
Start Date Begin Dissertation Development  
Phase 1: Gathering Find Chairperson and Agree on Topic  
  Choose Committee Members  
  Intro/Literature Review  
  Chair Approval  
Phase 2: Writing the Recipe Methodology  
Chair Approval  
Committee Approval  
Format Pre-Proposal Defense  
Address Feedback and Edits  
Submit to IRB/ARB  
Approval and Permission to Collect Data  
Phase 3: Harvesting the Data Collect Data  
Chapter 4  
Phase 4: Reflection Chapter 5  
Submit to Committee  
Address Feedback and Edits  
Phase 5: Defense and Completion Final Defense  
APA Edits  
Send to Library  
End Date Ph.D./Ed.D./Psy.D. Complete!  
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