Quantitative Analysis

Data And Analysis Help To Answer Important Question And Get Actionable Insights

Does looking at your data feel like reading Greek?  Wondering if this is enough or too much data to make a decision?  Most business owners struggle to find the information buried in the data.  Knowing how much data you really need to get a meaningful result isn’t easy and even if you do know how much data to collect finding the information contained in the data can be an overwhelming and frustrating task.

Leverage the strength of our quantitative analysis and business consulting services to answer your company’s burning questions like:

  • Do we have the right data?
  • How can we be assured our data is clean?
  • What kind of questions can we ask of our data?
  • What questions can our data answer?
  • How much data do we really need to make good business decisions?
  • How can we aggregate our data sets?
  • Do we have the right variables?

Statistics Solutions will make sure to conduct the appropriate statistical analyses for your needs.  We will aggregate, clean and code datasets and provide descriptive statistics for all your dataset variables like mean, standard deviation, frequency and percent and the relationships among important variables so you get an accurate big picture of the data.  We document all assumptions used in the analysis and guarantee our statistical analysis is accurately performed on your data.

We deliver thorough reporting, including easily understandable tables and figures. Any layperson in the organization will understand exactly what the data is saying.

Our executive summary provides you with key findings you can locate quickly and easily.  When you have time you can examine the rest of the reporting for the details underlying and supporting the key findings.

You will be able to use the reports to make those big decisions confidently, with clarity and integrity, knowing the data and the analysis is clean and accurate.

Speak with our experts to learn how our quantitative analysis and business consulting can help your business grow and thrive.