Millon Index of Personality Styles Revised (MIPS)

The Millon Index of Personality Styles Revised, MIPS, evaluates personality styles specifically for adults.  This instrument is used by employee screening, employee assistance, development programs, career planning, psychology testing, and counseling.  Eight subscales are the bases for the MIPS – Motivating Styles, Thinking Styles, Behaving Styles, and Validity Indices.

Format for the MIPS includes 180 items with a true/false response for each.  Approximately 30 minutes is required for completion and the test can be done on the computer or paper-and-pencil.   The test is meant for adults only, 18 years or older.

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Theodore Millon, 1994

Reliability and Validity

Studies carried out by Theodore Millon and Caryl Bloom show moderate internal consistency rating and high alpha coefficient ratings – r =0.82 for adults and 0.77 for students.  Median split-half reliabilities were also strong with 0.82 for students and 0.80 for college samples.  In addition, the re-test reliability was calculated to be 0.85 for adults (2 months time interval) and 0.84 for students (3 month interval).  Millon shows correlation of MIPS instrument with other such instruments as:  Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire, MBTI, California Psychological Inventory, NEO Personality Inventory, Gordon Personal Profile-Inventory, Beck Depression Inventory, Minnesota Multiphasic personality Inventory and MMPI-2, Strong Interest Inventory, and the Jackson Personality Research Form.

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Administration, Analysis and Reporting

Statistics Solutions consists of a team of professional methodologists and statisticians that can assist the student or professional researcher in administering the survey instrument, collecting the data, conducting the analyses and explaining the results.

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