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march poemWhy are you here?  Have you ever really thought about that?  Did you know that your mission and meaning in life is your priority?  Think about that for a moment. As Viscott said, meaning is derived by identifying your gifts, developing them, and then returning them.

Identify gifts.  The wonderful news is that your gifts are already in you as well as in front of you!  You’ve always had a sense of them.  They’re right there next to you, right this moment!  People have always told you, haven’t they?  Your job is to follow that highest purpose.

Develop gifts.  To develop that gift, we all need to stay aligned with our life’s purpose.  I remember Hall and Oates induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame saying, “Even our unpopular songs we worked very hard at.”  This reminds us that even our natural gifts need to be developed, and that takes time.  It’s easy to get distracted with all of our important and worthy commitments.  However, if we’re not following our purpose, we’ll be less than present with everything else and will ultimately be dissatisfied and be more likely to live a mediocre life.

Give gifts.  You have to return your gifts to the world.  While some mentors have been paid for their guidance, many were not.  They gave their gift of inspiration, perspiration – and sometimes, putting up with us can demand both.  The point is that our gifts need to be expressed.  You and the world will be glad you did.

Your dissertation may be part of your life’s purpose, maybe not.  This newsletter is meant to speak to that highest self that you can be.  Go for it! Be that self!

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