What’s the deal with conceptual frameworks?


Conceptual frameworks are necessary components of dissertations that utilize a qualitative methodology. The conceptual framework section should appear in both the introduction and literature review of your dissertation. In your first conceptual framework section, you should spend approximately 1–3 pages introducing your framework, followed by 3–6 pages of detailed analysis in your literature review.

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A conceptual framework is a description of research that supports the need for your study. In composing your framework in the introduction, you should identify the logical connections between tenets of your selected theory and the purpose of your study. This will enable you to justify your selected research design. Be sure to cite scholarly research in this section to support your statements. You must also demonstrate how your framework relates to the approach of your study and your research questions, as well as to the instrument development and data analysis.

In your literature review, your conceptual framework section should be a thorough and detailed analysis of the theory or theories you utilize in your study. This analysis should include the major theoretical propositions or hypotheses made by the theorist(s), as well as a delineation of any assumptions made by the theorist(s). Also important is your discussion of why you selected the theory you are using and how it will benefit your study. As such, you will need to discuss how it relates to your study and your research questions. Be sure to include citations and discussion of at least three or four scholarly sources that have utilized your selected theory in their studies. This will add to your justification of using the theory in your study. If you have further questions regarding your conceptual framework, or any other components of your dissertation, please consider reaching out to Statistics Solutions for guidance through the process. Good luck, and happy writing!