What is dissertation research?

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What is dissertation research?

Dissertation research is the culminating project that brings together all of your learning through your doctorate.

What does dissertation research entail?

The dissertation is a five chapter research project that begins with Chapter 1, the introduction to the study. The introduction sets the stage for the rest of the research. Included in the introduction is the background of the study, problem statement, purpose of the study, research question(s) and hypotheses, theoretical foundation, conceptual framework, nature of the study, definitions, assumptions, scope and delimitations, limitations, and significance of the study, significance to theory, practice, and significance to social change. The chapter ends with a summary and transition.

Next is Chapter 2, the literature review. The literature review explains the literature search strategy, literature review summary, and conclusions. Here you are showing what’s been researched on your topic.

After the argument is built for why the study needs to be conducted, you’re off to Chapter 3, the research methodology. This chapter needs to discuss the research design and rationale, population, sampling and sampling procedures, recruitment, participation, and data collection, the intervention, instrumentation and operationalization of constructs, intervention or manipulation of an independent variable, data analysis plan, threats to validity (external, internal, construct), ethical procedures, and a summary. Think about the methodology as a cookbook that tells the reader exactly how you will conduct the study.

After data is collected, the data needs to be analyzed in the chapter 4 results.  These results should involve the thematizing of qualitative data or statistical analysis of quantitative data, and a summary of these results.

The dissertation final chapter is 5, the discussion chapter. Discussion chapter includes conclusions, and recommendations, interpretation of findings, limitations of the study, and implications.

Can I get help on my research?

Fortunately, you can get editing help with your original dissertation research. Scholarly writing is typically a new skill set for doctoral students, so support gets you over the writing challenges often confronted by students. A dissertation research consultant can edit each of the five chapters, explain why the edits were made, and support you to effectively address committee feedback.

Is a dissertation research consultant expensive?

No, it is not expensive to hire a dissertation consultant relative to the opportunity cost of sitting in the dissertation process for an additional 6 months or a year. Typically research consultants range from an hourly rate to thousands of dollars for the usual 60-100 hours of editing that is required for committee acceptance.

It makes sense to get the expert support to complete your research. There is no better way to make sure that you perform rigorous, quality dissertation research and complete it in a timely manner than to hire the help of a dissertation research consultant to help you every single step of the way.

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