What is Dissertation Methodology?

Quantitative Methodology

What is the dissertation methodology section of the dissertation and what is dissertation methodology?

The dissertation methodology of a dissertation is two things: it is how, exactly, the student has arrived at his or her conclusions and it is a separate chapter in the dissertation that outlines all of the steps a student has taken to reach his or her conclusions.

Is the dissertation methodology important?

YES! The dissertation methodology is perhaps the most important part of the dissertation because if it is not done correctly, or if the student chooses incorrect procedures, steps, tests, etc. to complete the dissertation, then the results of the dissertation will not be accurate and thus the entire dissertation will not be acceptable. This is therefore extremely important and must be done with precision, expertise and with much care.

Can I get help on the dissertation methodology?

YES! There is much help available on the dissertation methodology because it is the most important aspect of the dissertation. This help can come from many sources. One source for help on the dissertation methodology is the doctoral student’s advisor. The doctoral student’s advisor is a great resource for help and assistance for the student, however, the student’s advisor is not always available or eager to help the student. In fact, many times the student starts only to later realize that both the dissertation methodology and the statistics portion of the dissertation were not done correctly. The statistics portion of the dissertation goes hand-in-hand with the dissertation methodology, because the methodology lays out all of the important statistical procedures to be conducted. In this scenario, the student must start most of his or her research and work all over again, and this takes a large amount of time. There is help, however, as a dissertation consultant can act as a permanent advisor to students as a dissertation consultant can take the student through the entire dissertation step by step. This includes giving much help on the dissertation methodology of the dissertation.

How can dissertation consultants help me with the dissertation methodology?

Dissertation consultants can help students with the dissertation methodology because dissertation consultants are trained in all things regarding statistics. Thus, dissertation consultants are experts when it comes to the dissertation methodology. In fact, dissertation consultants can even instruct students as to how to do it. With the help of dissertation consultants, the doctoral student will not have any problems with the dissertation methodology because all of the appropriate steps for the statistical parts of the dissertation will be accurately detailed and described. And once it is complete, the doctoral student will also have a much easier time in doing the statistical portion of the dissertation. This is true because again, the dissertation methodology lays out exactly what needs to be done when it comes to the dissertation statistics portion of the dissertation. Thus, with a precise, accurate, specific and valid methodology section, the student will essentially have a road map of what needs to be done and how, exactly, it needs to be done.

Is the dissertation methodology section time consuming?

The dissertation methodology section can indeed be time consuming, but it does not have to be! With the help of dissertation consultants, it can be completed in a timely manner. Thus, dissertation consultants can save the student much time when it comes to the dissertation methodology and to the entire dissertation as dissertation consultants will provide all that needs to be provided in terms of instruction, guidance, advice, support and help.

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