What is a Dissertation Consultant and What Can They Do?

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You know your topic, the experiment, and have researched it thoroughly. But, then you get to the results. Is it linear regression or ANOVA? Figuring out which statistics to use for your dissertation is no easy feat.  Even more, without a thorough understanding of statistics, you are missing out on important findings that you may not know to look for. Sure you have an advisor, but they are busy and can’t afford to re-teach the second semester of statistics or to explain every possible type of analysis and how to perform it for your specific study.

Enter a dissertation consultant. No graduate student should complete their research without the services of  a consultant. After all, dissertations are your primary work that will determine the type of career that you get. Don’t lose wages by taking an extra year to complete it because of data analysis or waste your income on tuition for another statistics course. Most of the time, it takes as little as two weeks to get the results that you need from a dissertation consultant.

Dissertation consultants offer assistance in a variety of areas including the following:

  • Research questions and thesis statements;
  • Analysis of data;
  • Sample size justification or calculation;
  • Data entry;
  • Descriptive statistics, analysis, and interpretation;
  • APA editing.

In addition, Statistics Solutions offers access to a variety of helpful tools including SPSS tutorials, statistics and research directories, and more if you prefer to do some study on your own.

Not sure if you need a dissertation consultant? No problem! Contact us for an absolutely free 30 minute consultation. We’ll listen to where you’re stuck, analyze your study and offer assistance in the areas in which we can be of help.