What Does Graduation Feel Like?

Posted February 6, 2019

We get so busy “doing” that we forget that to be truly effective we must start with the end in mind.  Remember why you started this doctoral journey? It was to educate yourself, be a role model for your kids, advance at work, or maybe the recognition that you can get with an advanced degree. Can you see yourself with your hood and cap at graduation? What will that feel like? How often do you reflect on that picture in your mind?

When we keep the picture in mind, then we can be the trim-tab in our lives, always making small corrections/decisions to get us to our goal. What are the little things, or “trim tabs” of your dissertation journey? The extra effort to get support, the sustained confidence that you will prevail?

You are responsible for your decisions, and it is your good decision making and constant aim for your graduation goal that will make you successful. It’s always an inside job; it’s our motives, and character, that carries the day.  Our greatest power is the power to choose.  I ask you to choose success, keep that private victory strong and bright inside. Your boat will reach the shore before you know it.

You can schedule a free, no obligation consultation by clicking the link below, and learn how support through your dissertation journey can direct you smoothly to graduation.


James Lani, PhD

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