Qualitative Analysis Workshop

In this qualitative analysis workshop we will show users how to extract key excerpts from their transcripts and generate new codes and descriptions (either manually or with AI). Users will get free access to Intellectus Qualitative during the session. This session is perfect if you have a lot of qualitative data that you need to code and thematize.

This qualitative analysis workshop utilizes the new innovative software, Intellectus Qualitative, where excellence meets simplicity. Intellectus Qualitative is an advanced platform designed to simplify and enhance the qualitative research process. Suitable for all levels of researchers, it combines ease of use with powerful AI capabilities, however the user has the option to choose manual or AI-drive modes to analyze their data.

In manual mode, users can upload data or have the tool transcribe audio or video, allowing for easy passage excerpting, code assignment, and theme organization.

AI mode allows for AI coding, AI inductive auto-coding, AI thematizing, and AI research question-theme alignment-rationale.

You can learn more about Intellectus Qualitative here.

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