FREE Webinar: ABD Buster-Tips to Get Back in the Game

It is not uncommon for graduate students to get stuck during the dissertation process. As many as 35% of students do not complete their Ph.D. — in the Humanities, as many as 50% students will not meet their Ph.D. requirements*. Even after completing your coursework, exams and internships, there are still final steps towards finalizing your dissertation and achieving your Ph.D.

During this webinar, Dr. James Lani gave proven techniques for overcoming this overwhelming task, and  incorporating  committee and chair feedback into a dissertation quickly and painlessly as possible. 

Dr. Lani’s advice and methods are based on his 20+ years of dissertation consulting experience with over 5,000 graduate students from all disciplines across the U.S.

*Source: Council of Graduate Schools, “Ph.D. Completion and Attrition: Analysis of Baseline Data”

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  • Address commitee feedback
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