Quantitative Analysis Master Class: An Interactive Workshop

This interactive session is designed to teach you and your students the essentials of data analysis, use Intellectus Statistics (IS), and deepen your understanding of statistical methods.

Our agenda includes:

  • Understanding the Basics: We’ll demystify Independent Variables (IV), Dependent Variables (DV), and the concept of Levels of Measurement.
  • Data Setup: Have some data in Excel? Perfect! Bring it along and set up your data as you follow our guided walkthrough. We’ll also demonstrate this process using the data editor of IS.
  • Conducting Analyses: This crucial stage will be thoroughly explained, with hands-on examples.
  • Creating an Intellectus Account: We’ll guide you through the process, and share a login link for those who wish to follow along interactively. If you have data ready, you can upload it; otherwise, we will be using an example data set.
  • Running Examples: We’ll break down various statistical tests including Descriptives, Correlation, Chi Square, T-tests, ANOVA, and Regression, with time for questions after each section.
  • Download and Edit Your Document: We’ll show you how to download your analysis and make necessary edits.
  • Final Q+A Session: We’ll round off the workshop with a final question and answer period, allowing you to clarify any final questions.

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