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Often, dissertating and scholarship can feel like solitary tasks: things we are meant to take on individually and conquer using just our own strength and willpower. Sometimes, though, we need support, but we may not know how to find it or how to accept it and use it to our advantage. Thus, knowing how to utilize the resources and support that you have, as well as learning to accept help in the various forms it can come in are incredibly important skills in doctoral research and dissertating.

Understanding the resources available to you and taking advantage of them can be incredibly helpful when dissertating. While many schools offer resources in the forms of librarians, writing centers, advisors, and professors and committee members, it is important to understand how best to use these resources. Tuition dollars pay for these services whether students use them or not, but they are often poorly advertised or difficult to navigate. Because of this, making appointments for face-to-face meetings or phone calls to build a rapport with the people providing these services can help get you the information you need to receive help and guidance.

Further, accepting help when it is offered can be difficult for many people. There are many things that can get in the way of accepting help, so it is important to try and recognize these barriers. Your dissertation may feel like your baby, that only you know and can be responsible for. But the truth is that, like a caring for a baby, letting other people in and letting them provide what help they can is often necessary. Sometimes the best thing you can do is trust that those who care about you and want you to succeed can see things that you cannot; accepting what help they can provide may be just the thing you need to get past each road block or step of the process.


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