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My sister has been living in the same house in Chicago for over 30 years, and most of the neighbors have been there that long too.  Behind them is a family with an adult child named Brenda.  Brenda is a 27-year old, bright woman, who evidently has been bed ridden for the past 4 years, mostly house-bound, and using a wheelchair to get around when necessary.   While I’m not quite sure what her diagnosis was, what I know is that somehow her brain and her body were not speaking to each other.

Here’s the amazing thing.   Over the weekend, she wheel-chaired into a 3-day seminar and 3 days later literally walked out!  (If I did not see the picture of her walking down the street I wouldn’t have believed it myself.)  Now obviously, her body physically worked, but her brain was a barrier.  I just can’t help think about the potential we all have.  How can you identify and overcome some of your internal barriers?  How we can too, all speak to ourselves in a way that reconnects us not only physically but to our higher purpose and goals?  What does that dialog sound like?  How can you move into a more powerful you?

The, I’ll say healing, event of Brenda highlights at least one thing: the way is always there for us.  It’s time for you to reconnect and be that miracle!

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