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Back in the mid-90’s I began as assisting masters’ students with the statistics.  The students came from many disciplines and it was fun to sit in a coffee shop and crunch through research questions.  Then came my own master’s thesis and my own dissertation.  Whatever could take longer did take longer.  While I’m proud of my dissertation, there have been many times I’ve said, “Boy, I’d like those two years back.”  These experiences were the genesis of Statistics Solutions: Let’s smooth the road, and use the rocks as academic stepping stones rather than stumbling blocks.

When I completed my mixed-method dissertation, I moved to Florida where most of my family resided.  I began marketing research services, developing resources to expedite the research process, and we now run one of the largest and most successful dissertation and theses consulting services in the Country.  But in some ways our job has just begun.

So what have we done and where are we going?  What we’ve done is honed several hundred web pages to assist students with quantitative and qualitative research methods, we’ve developed a dissertation template to show students the necessary bones of the research, data analysis plan templates, sample size write-ups, and the big news… the results chapter software application, Intellectus Statistics.

This online application takes the legwork out of purchasing and conducting analyses in SPSS, figuring out what statistics and assumptions are relevant, interpreting the analyses, and writing the results in APA 6th edition.  (Click here for a free trial)

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