Tips and Tricks for Time Management: Part 2

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Because time management plays such a large role in the dissertation process, here I extend our previous discussion on best methods! Today, I will be sharing my personal favorites in terms of techniques and tools for time management. Remember to find what works for you—do your research, try out different methods, and decide on strategies and tools that will fit your needs best.

What I find to be most key in managing time is having a schedule. Each day, you should know exactly what tasks need to be completed or worked on, determine in advance approximately how long these will take you, and set appropriate down time aside for meals and breaks. Think back to primary school: you knew exactly what time lunch would be and you knew when your break would come, so you could work toward those in the morning, and then be energized after them in the afternoons. Having a set schedule like this can be very helpful in managing time because it helps set de facto deadlines—whatever task you are working on must be finished by lunch because after lunch you set time aside for a different task, for example.

Along these lines, I think it is also important to set goals for yourself. There are always going to be things that must be accomplished in a day or by a certain date. Setting goals to finish these ahead of time or setting goals to achieve additional tasks by a certain date can help streamline these processes. Setting goals like this can also help build up self-satisfaction and general motivation. Achieving not just what you have to, but also what you had hoped to, helps develop pride and satisfaction, as well as forward momentum to get you through the rest of the dissertation process. I hope that these suggestions help guide you through the dissertation process! Be sure to read our other blog posts for more help and


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