Three Quick Thoughts on Learning, Clarity, and Timing

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Learning.  What has shaped your professional life?  Was it a success or failure that taught you?  Who has influenced your vision?  I watched a Netflix video last night and was struck with this woman’s strength and vision, even though she made choices that I would not have.  She reminded me that our professional lives and personal lives can be shaped by all kinds of people and places (and even Netflix).  Nevertheless, the video helped me be more focused and seek to be consistent.  Keep your eyes open for lessons.

Clarity. Getting clear is getting clear emotionally.  While most of us are bright, its only when we can clean our internal windows that our true intellect can shine.  It might take an informed dream, the allowing of sadness or joy, or silence—something that pitches you into greater acceptance of who you are and less self-consciousness.  Daily residue of life can sometimes cloud everything we see.  Follow your instincts that purify and clarify.

Timing. I heard a story of Ted Williams –a record breaking hitter – of how he divided his hitting zone into 77 different segments (the circle of competence pictured above).  If he hit in one place consistently, he’d have a .400 average, if he hit in another segment, he’d average .320.  He didn’t know where the ball was going to be pitched, but he sure knew the consequence, and importantly, waited for the right ball.  Are you swinging at everything or are you waiting for the right pitch?  Timing is everything.

I hope some of these thoughts bring you to a stronger you!

Best wishes,


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