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“Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis.” – James Frank Dobie

The quote above describes how almost every student is likely to feel at the end of every tiring semester.  They’ve studied and researched and went through the many hardships required in today’s ever-competitive world.  Graduate school is “crunch time,” where no matter how much they try to meet their goals, Murphy’s Law still operates.  Due to tight deadlines and an abundance of work to worry about, students frequently do not have the slightest idea as to how to put things into perspective.  They might have all the knowledge and skills needed, yet many students fail to even decide on a topic for a dissertation, let alone begin to write the entire dissertation.

Theses and dissertations can sometimes be very complicated, and let’s face it- students do not have access to their advisors all of the time.  Students need a guiding hand, such as a thesis and dissertation consultant, to help address all sorts of problems that might be encountered during the course of writing a thesis or dissertation.  A large number of students are preparing a thesis for the first time, and they absolutely have no idea as to how to start.  All of these problems and more can be addressed by seeking the services of thesis and dissertation consultants.  Thesis and dissertation consultants are professionally-trained individuals who can help students in an organized manner, which does not at all mean that thesis and dissertation consultants are meant to replace the advisor or the professor.  Practically speaking, thesis and dissertation consultants are there to provide a helping hand.

The completion of a dissertation demonstrates the ability to address a major intellectual problem, and the results constitute a contribution to knowledge in the field.  Consultants can be very beneficial in the hour of need.   They can provide friendly and relaxed consultations and address the students’ questions at length.  They can also help students choose an interesting and worthy topic.  Thesis and dissertation consultants can also help students learn how to turn the selected topic into a sustainable research project.  Consultants can help with advising on base level problems, such as sample size selection, suitable statistical techniques, formats for citation, along with topics such as the right method for conducting a regression analysis, how to deal with missing values and much more.  Consultants can also help in interpreting results and formulating meaningful conclusions based on one’s findings.  Finally, thesis and dissertation consultants can also help in preparing for the final oral defense.

Another benefit is that they can help reduce a students’ workload dramatically, particularly for the students or candidates who have very little time due to their commitments to work.  In addition, for those who are not very good with managing time or schedules, thesis and dissertation consultants can be a God-send.

Students should always remember that they should keep a strong team dynamic while working on the project with the consultant.  A lack of coordination and cooperation can lead to friction in the course of research and would ultimately affect the quality of the project.  Thesis and dissertation consultants are, or should be, like mentors or assistant faculty whom students can access at any point of time. All in all, in order to avoid unnecessary tensions and confusion, one should hire a consultant so that they can go start their research on the path for a superior grade.

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