The Title Says It All


Titles, like names, are the first piece of information anyone receives about anything. They signify meaning and importance, and can also draw a person into, or turn a person away from something. Your dissertation is no exception. After all the time and effort you have put into your dissertation, or all the time and effort you are going to put into your dissertation, you will want to choose the perfect title to introduce it all.

Most schools require, or suggest, that your dissertation title is 12 words or fewer. This is a helpful guideline to keep in mind because keeping your title short and sweet will not only appease your program and your reviewers, it will also ensure that your title is not bogged down with language that simply confuses readers. For example, defending your dissertation called “Analysis of the Effect of Lactose Intolerance and Related Symptoms on Females who are in Their Third Trimester of Pregnancy” may lead you to be out of breath before you have even begun your introduction! A better choice would be “The Effect of Lactose Intolerance on Pregnancy,” because your point still gets across, you have not run out of breath saying it, and the information that is not present here will still be prevalent throughout your dissertation. Very often, students want to include all or much of the important information pertaining to their dissertation in the title, but too much information can actually cause the title to lose meaning and significance. Thus, when constructing your dissertation title, stick to key words that relay the purpose of your study with only the details you find necessary to include. For further help with this, and other topics, please reach out to Statistics Solutions for your dissertation needs.

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