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Research Rabbit is a new and innovative tool designed to help students with their literature reviews for their dissertations. It is a free, web-based platform that provides interactive conceptual maps and streamlines the research process. This makes it easier for students to access and organize the vast amount of information available on their topic.

One of the biggest challenges students face when writing a literature review is finding and sorting through relevant information. Research Rabbit helps solve this problem by allowing students to search for and save articles, books, and other sources. This makes it easier for students to keep track of their research and avoid missing important information.


Research Rabbit also includes features such as note-taking and highlighting, which allow students to quickly and easily summarize and extract important information from the sources they are reading. Researchers can easily organize and incorporate this information into their literature review.

In addition to these practical benefits, Research Rabbit also saves students time. Instead of spending hours searching for information, students can use Research Rabbit’s efficient search tools to quickly find the information they need. And because all the information is saved in one place, students can easily refer to it when they are writing their literature review.

Another great feature of Research Rabbit is that it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that students can work on their literature review from the library, a coffee shop, or even from home. This flexibility is useful for students who have busy schedules and need to work on their literature review on their own time.

Final Remarks

Research Rabbit is also very user-friendly. The platform has been designed with the needs of students in mind, and it is easy to use and navigate. This makes it accessible to students of all skill levels, regardless of their prior experience with research tools.

This is an excellent tool for students who are working on their literature reviews for their dissertations. It makes the research process easier, saves time, and provides a user-friendly platform for organizing and incorporating information into the literature review. Whether you are a seasoned researcher or just starting out, Research Rabbit is an invaluable resource for anyone who needs to conduct a literature review for their dissertation.

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