Stick to the Essentials when Reporting Findings

Quantitative Results

When it comes to the results chapter, students often want to present an abundance of statistics. While it may be tempting to examine the data from every possible angle, this is not an advisable strategy for several reasons. To ensure that a casual reader can understand the findings, it is important to stick with analyses that directly address the purpose and research questions that were established in the introduction, literature review, and methodology. Incorporating additional statistics this late in the dissertation can cause confusion for readers.

Another reason to avoid excessive statistical reporting is that it can lengthen the approval process with dissertation committees. If committees have more to review than what was initially expected, then they have more things to nitpick and criticize. In order to make the statistics fit with the rest of the paper, it can require making changes to the proposal chapters and the discussion. By following exactly what was proposed in the methodology, the results chapter can be one of the quickest sections to complete in the dissertation, because there should be no unexpected surprises.


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