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Remember four or so years ago when you were applying to school and set those goals to achieve?  You were filled with hope, the image of you walking through the graduation line, with family and friends watching and cheering…Now fast forward a few years to today.  Committee feedback seems unrelenting, your resources to accomplish aspects of your dissertation are daunting, IRB has ever more changes, and you feel awash with the thought of “how the heck did I get into this situation?”  I’m here to tell you to revive your sense of accomplishment and renew your hope and vision now!

A decade ago in my training to become a clinical psychologist, I was taught that when we didn’t know something we were to go get a consult.  You see, stress is the result of feeling that you don’t have the resources to accomplish the task at hand.  We forget to laugh, to get social support, to reach out for help, to exercise, to have a sense of humor, to relax.  You are not alone in this journey.  You, and many of your colleagues, often get stuck in the same areas—articulating clear research questions stated in statistical language, a data analysis plan describing what statistics to use, determining what sample size is appropriate, and conducting and presenting your findings.

Fortunately, these areas are our expertise AND we consult!  Going through a research methods course and a few statistics classes are often not enough.  You need guidance and we’re here to help with that guidance.  We offer a website chock full of resources to assist in your research completion, videos on conducting analysis, an SPSS “how to” guide, sample size calculators, hour-by-hour personalized consulting, a thorough list of survey instruments, and much, much more.  Know that you don’t have to struggle alone—get the support you need, revive your motivation, and get this last leg of your journey completed.  Let this be the year you finish.

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For Students Working in Business…This is for you:


Our expertise extends beyond student consulting to assisting your organization’s marketing campaigns (if marketing is not your bailiwick, please forward this e-mail to your marketing team).  Through data mining methods and statistics that predict purchasing customer behavior and churn, our market-specific customer intelligence can definitely optimize your marketing response rates, reduce campaign risk, and positively impact your organization’s revenue. Click the link below to download our whitepaper on how customer segmentation can optimize your marketing campaign.

Marketing Campaign Optimization Through Customer Segmentation

So if you, or someone in your organization, manage your marketing campaigns, call us today to find out how we can optimize your efforts. Your company assessment is completely free. We can be reached at 877-437-8622 or [email protected], or visit us at

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