Statistical Consulting

Statistical Analysis

Statistical consulting for dissertations is our sole focus.  It is required for many fields and offers extensive potentials to people in need of it.  Conducting constructive analysis and research on certain topics is highly relevant because of the competition that exists in the contemporary world today.  Statistical consulting is therefore a necessary tool for obtaining the required and significant data in many fields and domains.

Statistical consulting is necessary in the following areas:

· Science and Medicine
· Business and Commerce
· Social Sciences like Psychology and Sociology
· Government Bodies and Law
· Universities and Colleges for dissertations and theses

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Statistical consulting is very popular and is applied in almost every aspect of society because it ensures adequate and successful functioning of organizations.  The activities that are associated with statistical consulting ranges, and can concern any topic.  The task of consulting varies from project to project and involves the statistician acting as the problem solver by conducting selecting the appropriate analysis, conducting analyses on the data, and interpreting the findings.  In statistical consulting, the consultant also acts as a guide and advisor to the client.

Consulting is very effective and accurate and is therefore a necessary entity in today’s day and age.  A statistician should possess certain qualities that ensure his success.  For a statistician, statistical consulting requires the following characteristics:

· Good Communication Skills: The statistician must possess good communication skills so that the consultant can interact with the client fluently and comfortably.  Once the idea is made clear to the consultant (through healthy, professional conversations with the client) the statistical consultant is able to carry on with their work professionally as per the clients needs.

· Scientific Interest: It requires a keen and eager interest in the pursuits of science.  Science forms the core root of statistics and is a fundamental feature in statistical consulting.

· Statistical Knowledge: Without proper training and education in statistics, one cannot engage in statistical consulting.  One has to be able to understand the subject and to apply the required technical and specialized techniques and procedures of statistics.

· Computer Proficiency: Basic computer skills are essential.  The statistician must be able to utilize the computer while making use of the new and latest statistical software available in the market today.

Statistical consulting necessitates that the statistician perform research studies and experiments.  It also includes designing the experiments needed for observations and interpretations.  With statistical consulting at hand, organizations need not worry themselves with the problem of obtaining the needed information.

Statistical consulting is instrumental to small scale industries in particular.  Small scale industries can gain profits through statistical consulting as the statistician gives the industry the opportunity to conduct proper researches as well as giving them a full length statistical analysis.  Without this, the company would not have the resources or knowledge to carry on with the project.

Contemporary times offer a number of possibilities to people.  The advent of statistics and statistical consulting has in many ways made things a lot easier for everyone.  Statistical consulting has brought with it an endless number of solutions for research findings and data analysis. Information is an important need and statistics have various ways of finding that information so that it may be utilized to bring about advancement and evolution. Clearly, this consulting is of crucial importance today.

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