Saying YES to Your Goals


In the 2008 movie YES MAN, Jim Carrey plays a withdrawn guy since his divorce and sees the world negatively.  After an inspirational seminar, he starts saying “yes” to life and the real life adventure begins.  He starts a relationship, and begins changing the world around him (e.g, helps a guy not commit suicide, starts a clothing charity, etc.).   Our yes to life can lead us to playfulness.  It’s getting out of our “normal” path (and our own way too).  Our life is supposed to be fun, remember?  Say yes to your world, even if it seems a bit strange—newness will have qualities and features that seem out of the ordinary, yet will lead us to extraordinariness.  I’ll go one step further.

“James,” you ask, “what does this have to do with dissertations and research?”  Like the sliver of light that first breaks through after an eclipse, let your yes be that light that shines upon your concluding days in your program.  “Can I complete this dissertation in one year?” The answer is YES! It all starts with the belief that your goals can be achieved. Make that picture in your mind, and live it. It’s not been easy for many of you—I speak with you all the time.   As you read this, let us focus on saying yes to completing your dissertation goals.  Say yes—yes sir, yes ma’am—you and the world deserve it!

Best wishes,

Dr. James Lani

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