Picture Dissertation Success

What if your dissertation struggles didn’t have to be all-consuming? Instead of spending countless hours going back and forth with your committee feedback, what if you could spend that time constructively working with a seasoned mentor that knows how to get your chapter approved? That’s exactly the type of effective support you will find with

Limitations versus Challenges: What’s the Difference?

Old-School Techniques for Qualitative Data Analysis

Focus Groups Part 2: Running a Successful Focus Group

What Is a Research Problem?

Tips for writing Qualitative Results when you don’t feel like writing

Justifying Your Generic Qualitative Research Design

Focus Groups Part 1: Preparing for a Successful Focus Group

Overcome Your Writers Block

We’ve often talked about how isolating the dissertation process can be, how difficult it can be to gain motivation throughout the process, and how lining up dissertation backup to feel supported and encouraged is paramount. This month, it’s time to recognize and accept how time-consuming the writing process is and how breaking through writers’ block

R-Squared: Telling us what we know and what we do not know

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