Quantitative Results Chapter

Statistics Solutions provides quantitative results chapter dissertation analysis and consulting that includes confirming the correct analyses, conducting the actual analyses, and the write-up and explanation of the findings.  We have expertise in the following analyses: Bivariate and Multivariate Analyses, Structural Equation Modeling, Path analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, HLM, Cluster Analysis, Survival analysis, Time-series, and other many other analyses.

Typical results chapters include:

  • Conduct descriptive statistics on demographic and research variables (i.e., mean, standard deviation, frequency and percent as appropriate);
  • Conduct analyses and assess assumptions to examine the research questions;
  • Assess the assumptions of the analyses;
  • Draft or co-draft results write-up, which includes documenting assumptions, accurately interpreting findings and clearly stating support or non-support for the hypotheses and provide APA 7th Edition style tables and figures (as appropriate);
  • Provide SPSS syntax and data files.

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