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You are exasperated. You are tired. You are at your wit’s end. All because of your dissertation. So, you get online, search for dissertation consulting, and now, here you are. I get it, and I am here to help. But I am not here to write your dissertation for you. Your dissertation is yours alone, and you are in the pilot’s seat. I am, however, here to be your copilot on the journey. I will guide you, offer advice and expertise, and help you finish your methods chapter.

When you sign on for dissertation consulting services, you will send your completed methods chapter to me so I can read through it. Then, we will set up a mutually convenient time for a phone call. During that call, we will talk more about your study. I will ask you to tell me more about your research, including any areas where you are having methods-related trouble. I will also ask you about your relationship with your reviewers, which will help me get a better feel for how we should proceed.

After our consult, I will dive into your methods chapter. I will carefully read and review the chapter, paying specific attention to three key areas. First, I will look to make sure you are following your school’s guidelines for what must be included in each section, and that the sections are properly ordered. Not following your school’s guidelines is an easy way to have a draft of a chapter returned without a second glance from a reviewer, which costs you more time. Second, I will provide suggestions for strengthening the chapter, which may include pointing you to methodological resources. Third, I will look for larger editing and organizational errors, and provide you with feedback to correct these.

At this point, though, our work is not done, and I am still here to help. You will inevitably receive feedback from your reviewer; this is part of the process, and I still your copilot. Using your support hours, I will help you revise your draft, so it is ready to resubmit for review. And that is the dissertation methods consulting process in a nutshell! I will be your copilot through every step, working with you to ensure a solid, well-justified methods chapter so you can move on to the really fun part: data collection! If you’re ready bring your dissertation in for a landing, click here to schedule your consultation.

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