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Writing is a great and popular form of communication used in all areas of life, but like many aspects of life, writing is not one-size-fits-all. The writing styles used in texting, emails, cards, and dissertations are all different, and it is important to understand the distinction between them all. Thus, dissertations, and any academic writing, should follow a certain writing style to establish the credibility and reliability of the author.

Primarily, be sure you are thoroughly proofreading your dissertation. Grammar and punctuation errors indicate that you are not being careful and spending time to produce your best work. Think of this as making a good first impression. If your dissertation has been proofread and is free of these kinds of errors, your readers will notice this.

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Aligning theoretical framework, gathering articles, synthesizing gaps, articulating a clear methodology and data plan, and writing about the theoretical and practical implications of your research are part of our comprehensive dissertation editing services.

  • Bring dissertation editing expertise to chapters 1-5 in timely manner.
  • Track all changes, then work with you to bring about scholarly writing.
  • Ongoing support to address committee feedback, reducing revisions.

Additionally, some helpful things to keep in mind in academic writing include concise statements (always be concise and straightforward in your academic writing), using appropriate and consistent language (avoiding colloquialisms, stereotypes, jargon, etc.; and always using the same terminology when referring to anything, including demographics and race), being aware of (and often avoiding) passive voice, and being aware of point of view (refer to school guidelines regarding first person use in dissertations, as it is usually best to avoid the first person in academic writing).

There are a lot of different ways to make sure that you are writing professionally and with an academic voice, so this only scrapes the surface of our advice. If you need further help, editors, like Statistics Solutions, can give you more in-depth guidance on your writing!

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