Pride, Ethics, Trust, Too Early, and Money: What Stops You from Getting Support?

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Recently, a prospective client told me he was not prepped for his comps, and sure enough, just 2 of 15 in his cohort (13%) passed their comps. I then asked if he was prepped for his dissertation. Nope. Well one doesn’t have to be a student of history to know how this story turns out. What is going on here? What are the barriers to getting the support you need?

Potential barriers to calling for help. I think there’s five possible barriers to getting support: pride, ethics, trust, too early in process, and money. So, let’s talk about each of them.

Pride can yield to accepting, outside eyes. Everyone who starts on the doctoral path has a knowing that they can do it. We all do. When rough waters come while we’re in class, there are classmates to turn to. The dissertation is not like that—students are islands—but it doesn’t have to be that way. Every great professional has a coach or someone to make their work better. If Michael Jordan can accept feedback, so can you.

Ethics is the only way we do business.  Some students I talk with ask, “Is it ok to get help?” Yes!  At Statistics Solutions, we require that students submit full drafts of each chapter before we do 1 minute of editing. We have never been, nor will ever be, a dissertation writing service. We make substantive edits to make your work, your voice, stronger and clearer.

Trust is a Value.  How can I trust an online dissertation company with helping me on the final yard of completion? I don’t even know you. Well, trust is not given, its earned, an we’re glad to earn it. First, you can check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for our grade; Statistics Solutions grade = A+. The BBB is an independent agency that scrutinizes customer review. We maintain that grade because our business model is that employees are in-house, we consistently do a great job, and meet every timeline.

Prospectus Phase is too early. Many students think that not having a topic or just starting the prospectus or concept paper phase is too early to reach out to us.  Actually, the reverse is true: getting help nailing down the topic will get you further on down the track than messing around for 2-6 months. And for those in the prospectus for more than one quarter, here’s a news flash—it’s not supposed to take that long! 

Money is a tool.  Some clients think they can’t afford us. But most students don’t know that we offer 0% interest monthly payments that most working people can and do afford. We have had a tremendous reception to our huge paid-in-full January program too (extending into February). Interest-free monthly support, or huge savings are both available.

At the end of the day, Statistics Solutions has the teams, processes, technology, and a proven track record of 99.8% of success. So, what were your barriers to getting support again?


James Lani, PhD

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