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If you’ve ever walked into an exam, interview, or medical procedure unsure of the process and unprepared for what’s to come, then you know the type of anxiety associated with the dissertation process. Each day we find ourselves going over the dissertation process with a doctoral student who, although is engaged with their program and has begun writing, really has a poor understanding of what the dissertation process looks like.

Over the past two decades, we’ve spoken to thousands of graduate students working on all different phases of their dissertation and they all have a handful of similar questions. So, this month, we’ve compiled a short list of must-know FAQ’s about Statistics Solutions and the dissertation process. Our hope is to share our knowledge so you can feel confident in reaching out for the dissertation assistance you need!

How long does a dissertation take?

The time to complete a dissertation can realistically range from 1-2 years.  Your focus, your committee, whether you use primary or secondary data, IRB, and the number of revisions, all play a role in the length of time.  A key is to find out from other students how it was to work with a particular chair, how timely is their feedback, and did the chair seem to want to get you through.


How do I select a topic?

Topic selection is important, but not if it takes to 6 months to do it.  Find something that’s interesting, that a committee can agree with, and begin.  The key to a doable project are clear research questions written in statistical language, having instruments that measure the constructs of interest, having access to participants, and that you have a procedure to administer the instruments to those participants.  (Remember too: while you wait for the perfect topic, you are spending your precious time and tuition money).


What will the free initial consultation include?

When you contact Statistics Solutions for dissertation consulting services, we will schedule you for a free 30-minute phone consultation to review your research and areas of concern in order to gain an understanding of your research study and make a plan to successfully move you through. Your consultant will then provide you with an outline of our services with the tasks, time frame and fees specific to your study.


How much do consulting services cost?

Statistics Solutions provides comprehensive editing assistance in research projects ranging from concept paper through discussion chapter, quantitative to qualitative.  Given  a wide range of projected consultant time on projects there is no basic cost per project.

Fees are quoted during your Free consultation on a per-project basis and there is no set formula for determining the price of your project before your initial consultation. Your consultant must first analyze your research project in order to set the project parameters, timeline, and level of involvement in specialized work before providing your detailed quote.

We hope to have answered some of your dissertation and consulting questions. If you’ve thought of reaching out for dissertation assistance, take the first step today for a dissertation-stress-free future!


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