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I speak with lots of doctorate students every day from around the Country. They are often stuck, frustrated, and their optimism waning. What happened to their enthusiasm towards their degree that they had when they started this process? Where is the bright light that was in their eyes? Their shoulders that were straight and relaxed are now hunched and curved forwards. What if you could regain that vitality? We want you successful, and here are some things to do to get there.

Get aligned with your priorities.  Most people I speak with are in their 30s, 40’s and 50’s (some 60’s and 70’s too), have a family, and work full-time. While there are lots of priorities to be addressed, you have to create a schedule to work on the dissertation. (Elon Musk has the same 168 hours/week as we do, and can run Tesla, SpaceX, the Boring company, Solar City, have 5 children, and a social life, certainly we can find an additional 10 hours/week to knock this dissertation out).

Take responsibility to schedule your priorities. Everything good in our lives took planning and execution. You must surround yourself with a team that supports your priorities, and you need to do the work. Get it on your schedule and keep going.

See yourself having completed your dissertation. You have to hold the positive vision of you completing your dissertation in your mind. Take a breath and hold that vision for at least one minute a day. See yourself getting more and more energy as you approach your goal. Do you think Oprah visualizes success everyday? You bet.

You got this.  We believe in you.  Stay strong.


James Lani, PhD

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