Picture Dissertation Success

Posted October 11, 2019

What if your dissertation struggles didn’t have to be all-consuming? Instead of spending countless hours going back and forth with your committee feedback, what if you could spend that time constructively working with a seasoned mentor that knows how to get your chapter approved? That’s exactly the type of effective support you will find with one-on-one consulting at Statistics Solutions.

It’s time to reach out for academic help when you’re working hard but not seeing a reward, or even worse, when you begin to enter ‘shut-down mode.’ Many of our students come to us when they’re in year 5 or year 7 of their dissertation program. By then, they’ve wasted thousands of dollars in tuition and valuable years of their lives. Once they begin to constructively work on their research with us, they realize all of the time and money they could have saved by reaching out for help sooner.

It’s important to remember that you should be making significant dissertation progress every semester. So if you aren’t, ask yourself, why. What is holding you back from getting your chapter approved, getting IRB/URR approval, finishing your data collection? Is there something you can do to make the process a little smoother and kinder to yourself? The answer is a resounding, yes. There is something you can do and it’s simply asking for help. A helpful exercise is to picture what graduation feels like. Picture yourself dressed in your graduation cap and gown, walking across the stage, about to accept your diploma. What does that feel like? Hold on to that feeling and use it to propel you forward. You can finish your dissertation and you will not be ABD forever. Take hold of your research and your future, merge into the dissertation fast-lane. You’ve got this and we’ve got you.

YES: I want dissertation help!


Yours in Dissertation Success,

The Statistics Solutions Team

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