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Few things beat the feeling of being on track, on time, or in control of the situation. For a PhD candidate who has dedicated years to classroom-style learning, undergone rigorous testing, and spent thousands of dollars on education, the dissertation is the last hurdle before graduation and the exciting feeling of accomplishment that comes with it.

Have you truly felt in control of your journey throughout the dissertation process? Most ABD (all-but-dissertation) students we work with confess that at some point in their dissertation odyssey, they’ve felt unguided and frazzled. Staying focused through proposals, committee feedback, chair changes, IRB logistics, and all the other day-to-day responsibilities can greatly take a toll on anybody’s positive perspective.

So, how do we re-center, recharge, and reengage ourselves? Let go. Seriously! Life coach, Tony Robbins reminds us that “holding on is a critical way that we keep ourselves from reaching our goals.” And your future success depends on your ability to reach your goals in the present. The most powerful way to focus our energy into living proactively and positively depends on our release of the negative minutiae.

We invite you to let go of all the dissertation stress you are holding alone, because we are on your team! We are passionate about getting ABD students to the graduation stage by expediting the dissertation process and providing the support that will drive you to accomplish all of your goals. It’s time to move on to your best life; life after the PhD. Join the ranks of students that have let go of their isolated dissertation woes and have successfully defended their dissertations.

Yours in Dissertation Success,

The Statistics Solutions Team

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