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Happy New Year; now let’s talk responsibility!

Everything good and everything bad in your life has one common attribute—You. We are not victims of mean bosses, inattentive advisors, uncivilized children, genetics…. All excuses, pretense, and denial—out the window it goes!

There’s an old story about three brick layers. When the first was asked what he was doing, he said, “I don’t know, I hate my job.”  The second man said, “I am feeding my family and supporting their education.”  The third man said, “I am building a cathedral that will stand for 1000 years.”  The men were doing the same job, yet their experiences differed.  Who do you think did a better job?  Who was happiest?  Who would live longest?  See, it’s our job to go and make the life we want.

Most of you reading this newsletter hold the vision of completing your dissertation or project.  You’re going to be a PhD, EdD, DBA, PsyD, etc. You need to hold that space right now to get there.  Act like the person you will become right now.

And for most of you doing a quantitative study, statistics means dread. It doesn’t have to! Did you know that we have expert statisticians that walk you through conducting and interpreting your results, providing an APA formatted results chapter in 1 hour (not 1 month)?

In this New Year, I wish you total responsibility, building of cathedrals, your degree completion, and we will provide the quantitative support to get there.

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James Lani, PhD


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