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Do you feel like your chair, committee members, professors, and mentors all have more say over your dissertation than you do? It can become frustrating when feedback is coming at you from all sides and there’s no clear direction in which to take your research. When we speak with struggling ABD (all but dissertation) students, no matter where they are in the dissertation process, one of the first things we help with is sorting through and addressing their dissertation feedback.

We’ve spoken about the importance of Managing Chair Feedback in the past; managing expectations and emotions around receiving difficult feedback can be one of the trickiest and most important phases of your dissertation journey. It’s okay to feel bummed or upset when you first open your document and see a lot of comments, but addressing small errors first and using expert support for larger changes can greatly streamline the resubmission process.

Make yourself dissertation-independent now by finding the dissertation support that will rocket you towards graduation. Having the right dissertation support team can mean completing each chapter quickly while receiving minimal feedback, reducing rounds of editing, and ultimately, helping you get to graduation quicker. That’s exactly what we want for you!

If you’ve been ABD for more than 1 year – it’s been too long!

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