How to Fill out a Walden Checklist

Research Plan

Filling in a checklist is a common request of chairs for Walden students. Whether you are doing a qualitative or quantitative study does not matter, the checklists are very similar and should be approached similarly. However, do make sure that you are using the correct one because there is content in each one that is specific to that methodological approach.

First, the content requirements of the checklist are directly aligned with the school template and guide. If you have fulfilled the requirements of the rubric, you will have all of the content required by the checklist; you will just need to fill in the appropriate page numbers that correspond to the specific content.

Second, there is a section for comments. This section is for your chair to fill in. This part is often used in lieu of a change matrix. While some chairs require both the checklist and a change matrix, they are treated similarly. Do not feel as if you need to transfer the comments from the document into the checklist and the matrix unless you are asked specifically to do so by your chair.

Third, do not overthink the checklist. It is really just used as an extra tool to make sure that you know where everything is in the document and you have checked, double checked, and triple checked each item that is necessary for each section.

Finally, keep in mind that, like your dissertation itself, the checklist is an ever-evolving document. When there are changes made to your document that change the page numbers in the table of contents, those corresponding changes should be made in the checklist as well. Don’t sweat it! You’ve got this!

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