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The holiday season is upon us and our to-do list seems to be growing exponentially each day. In the midst of gift wrapping, dinner planning, and ugly holiday sweaters, are you achieving dissertation progress? Let’s take a moment to ground ourselves in the last few weeks of 2019 and then get ready to reach for the sky in 2020.

Find Support

If your 2019 New Year’s resolution was to finally complete your dissertation and you’re still stuck in a loop of countless revisions, it’s time to set a resolution that will actually stick. The American Psychological Association suggests that asking for support is key to ensuring one sticks with a New Year’s goal. With dissertation consulting from Statistics Solutions you’ll not only receive a team of seasoned mentors capable of helping you through each dissertation phase, but you’ll also receive friendly and consistent reminders to stay on track.

Break it Down

Harvard Medical School suggests breaking big New Year’s goals into small, manageable steps in order to not get discouraged and quit early on. For example, if the goal is to move onto the results chapter but you don’t know where to start – finding tutoring around that section is a good place. Search for and join free webinars or tutoring sessions on campus. We offer free Qualitative Methodology and Results Help Sessions along with free Quantitative Results Help Sessions online, and once you’re ready to take the plunge, our Accelerated Quantitative Results program can provide a draft of your chapter 4 in just 1-hour.

Reward Yourself

The same article from Harvard Medical also suggests that it’s important to give yourself recognition for healthy changes, even if you haven’t reached the end goal yet. If you sit down to write consistently, be proud of yourself (even if the chapter isn’t perfect yet)! Look for support from your peers and loved ones. Stay motivated and proud of yourself.

Learn from the Past

If last December your goal was to finish your dissertation and graduate in 2019, do something different in 2020. Reach out for help, change up your writing routine, explore online tutorials and webinars – Make 2020 your year of successful change. Make 2020 your graduating year! You’ve got this, we believe in you.

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