Ways of Coping Questionnaire (WAYS)

The Ways of Coping Questionnaire (WAYS)  is used to measure the coping processes.  As the definitive coping measure, the WAYS can assess and identify thoughts and actions that individuals use to cope with the stressful encounters of everyday living.  Researchers have used it in many different studies to investigate the components and determinants of coping.

The Ways of Coping Questionnaire:

  • Identifies the processes people use in coping with stressful situations;
  • Can be completed in approximately 10 minutes;
  • Can be administered to people of  high school age through adult.

The WAYS can help counselors work with clients to develop practical coping skills by evaluating their process, strengths and weaknesses; while providing models of alternative coping mechanisms. The WAYS is excellent for research on coping and scales include: Confrontation Coping, Distancing, Self-Controlling, Seeking Social Support, Accepting Responsibility, Escape-Avoidance, Planful Problem Solving, and Positive Reappraisal.

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Learn More About the WAYS or to Purchase

You can learn more about the WAYS or purchase at the website of our preferred partner, Mindgarden.com

About Mind Garden, Inc.

Mind Garden is an independent psychological publishing company of leadership, coping, anxiety and many other assessments and developmental materials.  Since 1994, Mind Garden has sought to preserve and grow important psychological assessments.  Mind Garden has an array of services related to online access and scoring of instruments.

Mind Garden is unique in providing a rapid response to purchase of permission to reproduce their products, via PDF. This is ideal for Ph.D. candidates and researchers who “need it now”, as well as those who may wish to use an instrument online with other instruments or questions.  Paper licenses are also available, providing one copy with permission to reproduce. Mind Garden provides review copies of instruments and scoring in the product manual so that you do not need to order additional components to understand an instrument.

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